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Foto: Sandra Stamm
Foto: Sandra Stamm

Martin Gebhardt, oboe
Roswitha Killian, violin
Miriam Moser, tenor oboe
Rebecca Firth, violoncello

„Chamber music is regarded as the highest expression of performing music. Every single chamber music instrument has to join and merge into one, so that both the performers and the audience have a complete musical experience. Altruism and balance among the players are necessary in order to perform music in the chamber form. Chamber music reflects the clarity of essence. All the colours can be found in the intimacy of chamber music, and their brightness and intensity convey music to us in its purest form." (Yehudi Menuhin).

Bearing this in mind, the musicians of the Aulos Quartet engage the oboe, violin, tenor oboe and violoncello in a dialogue, thus creating a homogeneous, cohesive ensemble that is able to interpret great masterpieces of all styles and periods.

This is an innovation in chamber music, which is closely linked with the rediscovery of the tenor oboe. Having all but fallen into obscurity in the 19th century, thanks to the Aulos Quartet's renewed interest in this fascinating instrument and with the help of leading instrument-makers, the tenor oboe has now been adapted to today's dimensions and the requirements of contemporary chamber musicians.

Seen in its historical context, this highly nuanced, richly coloured yet extremely homogeneous chamber combination has a remarkable past. For example, the first precursors of this combination of auloi and string instruments date back to antiquity. The Aulos Quartet's repertoire includes works ranging from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods to the present day. The ensemble's unique sound combination continuously inspires composers to create new works.

Established in 2000, the Aulos Quartet (formerly known as the Zurich Oboe Quartet) has attracted international attention with its performances in Europe and the United States.

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